Meet the Team

Meet our team at Medical Transformation Center.

Dr. Carl Paige

Dr. Carl Paige is co-founder and CMO of Medical Transformation Center. After practicing more than 30 years as a board-certified pediatrician and internist, he began investigating innovative ways to address long-term illness, becoming increasingly interested in cellular medicine. Cellular medicine, which analyzes lifestyle, genetic and other factors to explain the underlying mechanisms and origins of sickness, seeks to strengthen and optimize individual cells, in turn working to support the whole body, from its most basic unit up. Dr. Paige looks at each patient individually, considering the whole person, genetics, lifestyle and more to determine the best, most personalized approach to improving overall health.

Carl is a respected expert in his fields and a national speaker discussing his current approach and methods in the clinical setting. He is an original member of the internationally-recognized Seeds Scientific Research and Performance Institute and now trains other physicians on applications of cellular medicine in healthcare. In addition, he has studied anti-aging, metabolic and cellular medicine with The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).

He enjoys playing the guitar, restoring tube electronics and string instruments, and fixing anything that’s broken.

Terri Paige

Terri Paige is the co-founder and CEO of Medical Transformation Center. With a BS in Accounting and experience in the corporate accounting world, this multi-faceted entrepreneur has received subsequent certifications as a Professional Performance Coach through SourcePoint Training and as a Lifestyle Coach with the American Academy of Anti-aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine in conjunction with the Metabolic Medical Institute. She is also a Fellow of the International Seeds Scientific Research and Performance Institute and a regular speaker at Institute symposiums. Whilst they sought to treat her chronic autoimmune issues, Terri and her husband Carl chose to create MTC after discovering the importance of considering the whole person, notably lifestyle and genetic factors. She derives joy from helping others live the best, most productive, and active lives possible for them by sharing all of MTC’s cutting-edge approaches for increasing healthspan and optimization.

Terri loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen, creating delicious Paleo-Mediterranean dishes that anyone can enjoy.

Ashley Giles

As a board-certified Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) with a Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Metabolic and Functional Medicine (FAAMM), Ashley Giles helps patients reach their full potential at every stage of life. Through office therapies and changes in lifestyle and nutrition, she assists patients to reap the full rewards of overall good health. Ashley believes the best way to support our bodies is from a preventative and root cause approach.

She spends most of her free time with her husband, Mark, and children - Daniel 11, Charles 9, and Emma 5. She and her family enjoy an active lifestyle, including mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing, off-roading and their most recent adventure, archery.

Elizabeth Ellison-Brown

Elizabeth Ellison-Brown began her career as a registered nurse in 1994 and became a nurse practitioner in 2013, having worked primarily in gastroenterology. She is a wonderful resource to patients, as she understands the importance of GI and gut health to overall performance and good health. Elizabeth enjoys working with patients using advanced regenerative therapies including peptides and stem cell procedures to improve and enhance overall well-being.

Liz is a mom to four children who keep her busy with sports and lots of outdoor activities, including boating and going to the beach.

Theresa Pierce

Theresa Pierce is the lead nurse of the IV and Emsella lounge, assisting patients with these and other procedures. She is an RN, HN-BC (Holistic Nurse-Board Certified) and holds certifications in CPR and Basic Life Support. Committed to helping patients as they seek to improve their health and wellness, Theresa enjoys being part of a health community that is dedicated to whole-patient, individualized treatment plans.

She loves the family atmosphere and excitement of Disney Parks and cherishes the historical sites in Charleston, South Carolina, where she can also be found relaxing on the beach.

Carol Owens Ellison

As a staff RN, Carol Owens Ellison works with patients in the IV and Emsella Lounge. She feels the most rewarding part of her job is the ability and opportunity to truly help people in a significant way. Changing lifestyle patterns and maintaining healthy habits is challenging, and Carol is happy to support patients in reaching their goals for optimal health. The cutting-edge procedures and resources at MTC help them along their journey to better health.

Carol finds the greatest pleasure in her six grandchildren, who she says are a smorgasbord of personalities and adventures, never failing to delight her.

Angela Sheehan

Angela Sheehan is part of the clinical support team working with patients in a proactive approach to health that focuses on root causes and how to improve the body’s general functioning. With a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, this RN and CHPN (Certified Hospital and Palliative Nurse) loves working with patients who are taking an active role in their own healthcare journey and looking for ways to foster overall wellness.

Angela is wife to Britt and mother to three children -Sam 22, Miranda 19 and Zach 11.

Linda Jansing

A natural born helper, Linda Jansing is Executive Assistant to CEO Terri Paige. She is an integral part of Medical Transformation Center, supporting its mission and helping to facilitate the vision and goals of the organization.

Linda enjoys volunteering for various organizations in Louisville, attending performances by local bands around town, and dancing, which she says is a great stress reliever. She is mom to son Zak, 27.

Aimee Hinkle

Aimee Hinkle is a certified Clinical Medical Assistant and Training Coordinator at MTC, ensuring that our team is poised to best assist you and your experience runs smoothly. She loves how MTC is constantly evolving, making use of new technologies that provide innovative and effective care as patients implement their Personal Transformation Plans. Aimee enjoys sharing her own personal health journey as a patient here, as she witnesses and supports others going through the same life-changing process.

Aimee has two boys, 14 and 10 and a daughter who’s 8. Most weekends, you can find her on the soccer field or spending time with family.

Nancy Woosley

Nancy Woosley is an LPN and staff nurse at MTC. She began working with Dr. Paige at his Internal Medicine and Pediatrics practice and now she is thrilled to help patients find answers to their unique health issues. She especially enjoys collaborating with her team members and learning the integrative, personalized medicine approach to caring for patients, to better support them in their journey to live life to the healthiest and happiest possible.

Her personal passions include serving in religious missions and music.

Andrea Way

Before joining the MTC team, Andrea Way worked at a concierge medicine office in the front and back office. What she treasures most about being at Medical Transformation Center is Dr. Paige's approach. Knowing that she's assisting patients as they make life-changing differences in their lives is incredibly rewarding for her.

In her free time, she loves spending time with her family. Andrea has a 20-year-old son, 14-year-old daughter and 6-month-old son, with a grandson on the way.

Meg Schuler

Patient Intake Coordinator Meg Schuler has a background in healthcare, most recently in Patient Advocacy. Meg spent her early career as a registered dietitian, noticing that many doctors had little knowledge in food science and nutrition. When her own health declined and she was unable to get answers or relief, she found herself at Medical Transformation Center, where her life was changed forever. She believes strongly in using food as medicine to optimize health. Her favorite part of working here is participating in the individualized and compassionate care provided to patients.

Meg has four children. At one point in her life she considered being a professional water skier.

Joyce Young

Our lab specialist, Joyce Young is an indispensable part of your journey at MTC. She assists in the creation and adaptation of each patient’s Personal Transformation Plan, as we use lab diagnostics throughout your time here to identify any areas of interest and check in on your progress along the way. Joyce has always prized what MTC stands for and the lifestyle it supports for patients. For her, assisting you with your individualized health goals is the most rewarding part of her job.

Joyce is the mother of two boys - a 20-year-old United States Marine and a sporty 8-year-old.

Lisa Pence

Lisa Pence is an essential part of Business Administration, Purchasing and Office Support at Medical Transformation Center. She began working with Dr. Paige and Terri in their primary care practice. She has an A.A.S. in Production Management from UofL, a BS in Business Administration from Spalding University, and a Certificate in Health Insurance Billing and Coding. Lisa admires how MTC is always improving and providing patients with the latest innovations and procedures.

When not improving operations and patient care here at MTC, she treasures spending time with her family, gardening, singing and being outdoors.

Sarah Vincent

A part-time Patient Services Specialist here at MTC, Sarah Vincent is dedicated to welcoming patients and providing phone support. After retiring from UPS with 33 years as a Business Analyst, she is happy to be a part of a team that is professional, genuine and highly motivated to give exceptional care to each patient. Sarah appreciates that MTC approaches each person holistically, offering a wide variety of both traditional and innovative care which seeks to restore and optimize health, often a resource when other avenues have been unsuccessful.

You can usually find Sarah outdoors somewhere, enjoying nature with her husband or grandkids. This could be right in her backyard, in a park, in her RV or in Sedona!