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Overcoming cancer is difficult enough as it is, but striving to maintain a healthy and nutritional lifestyle plan is especially important for patients battling and recovering from illness.

Nutrition Services in Louisville

The Nutrition Process

Eating healthy and maintaining nutrition can have you feeling better and stronger during and after the cancer treatment process. The nutrition process includes working with one of our caring medical professionals in order to establish the most effective plan for maintaining a diet that is successful at supporting growth, keeping the body nourished, and supporting the maintenance of healthy tissue in the body. Here at the Medical Transformation Center, it is our priority to support patients in the recovery process through implementing comprehensive and personalized health plans for each individual towards achieving their best possible health. Because we understand that cancer treatments can oftentimes cause malnutrition, we specify the importance of implementing the best possible healthy eating and drinking habits.

What Do Nutritional Support Plans Include?

Cancer and cancer treatments can commonly alter the taste, smell, appetite, and ability of the body to absorb the nutrients that it needs. In order to stimulate healing and promote vitality, we offer dynamic health programs in order to reverse the negative nutritional effects of illness.

What Do Nutritional Support Plans Include?

Dietary Guidance:our trained professionals are able to offer a variety of healthy dietary options that are centered around a manageable and effective plan. These personalized diet solutions are useful methods for patients to avoid malnutrition by providing healthy food suggestions that can provide the best possible nutritional value by promoting strength throughout the recovery process.

Supplements: Because the methods utilized in cancer treatments can be aggressive on all aspects of health, implementing essential health supplements such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbs are important. These essential substances are implemented in cancer nutritional plans to help balance body chemistry and avoid the development of deficiency states in the body’s nutrient supply, which is not an uncommon occurrence following recovery, but it is manageable with proper treatment.

Weight Management: Because rapid weight loss is often another side effect of cancer treatments, such as radiation, we offer the knowledge and guidance personalized for your health plan to promote the best weight-promoting solutions. Our protocol incorporates structured nutritional meal plans for maintaining your healthiest weight possible following recovery.

Peptide Therapy: This form of therapy is becoming increasingly popular due to its unique advantages. Using peptide therapies, we can support the body’s immune system, GI tract, etc.

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If you are experiencing the difficult challenges of battling cancer and trying to maintain nutritional health, know that you are strong, and you are not alone. Reach out to us here at the Medical Transformation Center and speak to one of our caring staff members about your nutritional plan options. Contact us today for cancer recovery in Louisville, KY and schedule your consultation!

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